Property Management

During your absence will give you an overview of your real estate:

  • mediating communication between the tenant and the owner of the real estate and arrange any other related services
  • monitoring the payments for rent and services connected with the usage of immovable
  • Lease contract extensions, modifications are handled in accordance with given instructions, as are any issues arising from either party in the Tenant – Landlord relationship
  • Insurance of real estate
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • regular inspection of the real estate and the condition of its inventory
  • arrange the removal and replacement of any destroyed, broken or non-functional items, or fittings placed at the real estate in a suitable price range after agreement with the owner
  • in case of requirement for larger repairs, immediately inform the owner of the real estate – prepare the budget for repairs and their realization
  • regular report on the real estate’s condition and whether the maintenance deposit needs to be utilized for repairs
  • organize cleaning services, providing babysitting
  • emptying the letter-box in a time period agreed on with the owner of the real estate, storage of the post or re-posting to an address defined by the owner of the real estate
  • termination of the lease contract, hand-over of the real estate